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 If there's one thing that the Smash community loves to do, it is to speculate on a consistent base on which character will get in and who won't. This essay isn't to discuss what I think will get in, but characters I think based off evidence we have, will likely be considered for SSB4. Lots of these choices are going to be questionable, but remember that this isn't a prediction for who I think will get in, just what I think the pool likely is for SSB4.

Super Mario Bros.

This essay starts out with a bang with the most iconic and popular video game series of all-time, Mario. This one has plenty of candidates to pick from but the five above will likely be considered to be playable, since the series is almost guarantee to have a new character.

The first of them is Bowser Jr, who is a major antagonist on the Super Mario Bros. series ever since his debut in 2002's Super Mario Sunshine. Since then, he has been among the most recognizable new characters in the series, having continued to play a part in mainstream Mario games and appearing in the vast majority of Mario spin-offs, establishing him as an important, relevant, and popular character in the series. For this, I consider him the front-runner in which Mario character gets in.

However, Bowser Jr. faces competition from other potential reps. One of the big ones is of course, Paper Mario, who is the main protagonist of the Paper Mario series and is pretty much the only somewhat likely variation to be added as a playable character. He has been growing in popularity among the community, is getting a game on the 3DS, and if playable, would have almost no chance of being cloned. I'm personally hoping that Paper Mario will get in over Bowser Jr. as he's my choice for the Mario rep.

Toad is also decently possible. Despite being relegated to Peach's B, it is very plausible to assume that he can finally make a playable debut. Sakurai has changed move set before so it's not hard for him to switch Toad with Toadsworth for Peach's B move, which isn't even needed as there is already a model for Toad. Also remember his very iconic status as he has been with the series since the beginning and has been important in the Mario series in mainstream and spin-off titles.

Waluigi is where things do get mushy. He has some thing that really do hurt his chances, but a few major thing to note. The first thing is that being a spin-off character does not hurt it's chances. Diddy Kong is technically a "spin-off" character since he did not debut in a Mario game and yet he's playable in Brawl, proving the argument invalid. Another major thing to note is that he is an Assist Trophy in Brawl so it's likely that he was considered to be playable in that game at one point and if so, he will almost certainly be considered for SSB4.

Dr. Mario will almost certainly never get his own slot again, but he is a perfect alternate costume for Mario (and what he should have been). Given this, I think he has a good shot of being Mario's alternate costume.

Overall: I think Bowser Jr. is the most likely to make his playable debut, but I can see Paper Mario and Toad getting in instead of him and there's also the off-chance Waluigi gets in. Don't count the Doc our yet as he has a realistic shot of being Mario's alternate costume.

Donkey Kong:

Mario will probably get another character by it. Another highly likely scenario is us getting a third Donkey Kong character into the mix.

The first of them is King K. Rool, the main antagonist of most of the Donkey Kong games.Even though he has been left out of Donkey Kong Country Returns, he is still a likely newcomer. He has near unanimous support from fans of Smash and DK (In Japan, it seems as he is the newcomer people want to see in Smash), is still somewhat relevant to the series, and very important to the franchise overall. He may not be 100% relevant, but his massive popularity and his importance to the series (Which is what I consider to be the most important factor in deciding characters) makes him one of the best choice for a potential newcomer on a Nintendo platform.

A much more controversial one is a Diddy and Dixie Kong team. Many people will be quick to write this one off as a possibility but it's more likely then what most people will admit. If you know, Diddy and Dixie Kong have been planned as a tag team in Brawl, but Dixie was dropped due to technical difficulty. What this shows is that Sakurai has intended to put them together but could not do so. As such, he will likely consider doing this again and if he does, I can imagine him finally getting it done. i very much doubt Dixie Kong will be getting in alone this time, so since I think Dixie Kong has a decent shot, it'll more likely then not be paired with Diddy Kong.

Overall: King K. Rool is highly likely to make the cut as a playable character with massive demands, his importance to the series, and still being somewhat relevant. We could also see Diddy and Dixie Kong pair up together. There is a slight chance of us getting no new reps, but I doubt it.

Let's face it, Donkey Kong is the only franchise likely to get a new rep. It's not impossible for Yoshi to get a rep in terms of Kamek and Baby Mario & Luigi, but the chances of either getting in are slim.

Wario stands a slightly better chance of getting a second rep thanks to more potential candidates, but like Yoshi, none of them has a semi-decent shot of getting in.

The Legend of Zelda:

I personally don't see us getting another Zelda rep, but it is certainly possible. Out of the Zelda candidates, the two most likely are Tingle and Ghirahim.

Tingle's chances more or less depends on if Sakurai primarily focuses on Japan. If he does, then Tingle has a good chance of being playable since he is well-loved in his homeland and was an Assist Trophy. If he takes a worldwide approach, Tingle is probably not getting in. We'll have to see where Sakurai's focus lands on before I call the jury on his chances. Regardless, while Americans may hate him, to denied that Tingle has a shot is silly.

Another up and coming candidate is no other the The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's main villain Ghirahim. While a likely one-shot, we have to remember that Sheik was a one-shot in Melee and Brawl and he got in both games, so this doesn't put Ghirahim out in the street yet. Depending on how well Skyward Swords does and how well Ghirahim is received as a villain, he may be worthy enough in Sakurai's eyes to be included as a playable character. Chances aren't great but I can see him getting in as the fifth Zelda rep.

Overall: I would say a fifth Zelda rep getting in has mediocre chances, but if one does happen, it will probably go to either Tingle or Ghirahim. Midna, Vaati, and Skull Kid missed their best shot and will likely never be playable.


Metroid is a franchise that is in a dying need for a rep. Zero Suit Samus was a good choice as it was part of Samus, but it wasn't necessarily an addition that many people wanted to see. Now it's time for Ridley to finally make his debut as a playable character.

He is one of the most likely characters that can possibly be made playable in SSB4 right now. He is relevant in the series, one of the very most wanted characters in at least in the West, and is the second most important character in the Metroid series, next to of course, Samus. It got to the point where Sakurai was confronted about this. As such, Sakurai can delay it no longer. It is time for Ridley to finally make his debut as a playable character, there should be nothing standing in his way.

However, it is likely Ridley or bust for a second Metroid character. All other potential candidates such as Dark Samus stand very poor chances of getting in.

Overall: Ridley is overdue for a playable appearance and there is no reason to delay it any longer. He is also the only realistic choice for a Metroid rep.

Kirby does not need anymore then the three in Brawl, anything else is unneeded. Sakurai's bias may get us another rep, but he probably notice that all the deserving reps are already available. Further hurting it's chances is the fact that it's lowly requested in the first place.

Star Fox:

Krystal is the only realistic choice Star Fox has for a newcomer due to unique move set potential. There are some things going for her inclusion. One of these obvious things is her popularity in Brawl and how highly requested she was, even though Wolf was picked over Krystal. There has also been a pattern of a Star Fox rep getting in per Smash installment so if Sakurai notices this and continues it, Krystal is almost definitely getting in. She was also teased as a potential playable character in a conversation between Peppy, Slippy, and her on the Brawl Star Fox stage where it was said she was the best choice, possibly hinting her inclusion in SSB4.

However, she faces some major barrier and why I lean on the "No Star Fox reps" side. The first thing is that she is barely relevant at all. She did not appear in Star Fox 64 3D, a game that is suppose to be a reboot for the franchise. This will establish a generation of fans of the original game, but not more Krystal fans. Her popularity has also gone down considerably due to lack of relevancy among gamers and she also suffers from having a somewhat large hate fan base in Japan, which Sakurai will notice.

She is definitely possible, but a fourth Star Fox rep isn't likely at all and her best shot was back in Brawl.


Even with other likely newcomers from other franchises, there is always that chance they get overlooked. If there's one thing we can truly guarantee in regards to newcomers, it's that Pokemon is going to get a newcomer whenever we like it or not. And considering that we have so many options, let's take a look at a few example.

Zoroark of course is a potential newcomer to the roster and has a lot going for his inclusion. The first is that he is the most highly requested 5th gen Pokemon for SSB4 and since I am certain that we'll get a 5th gen Pokemon, this will help his case a lot. He along with his pre-evolution Zorua was the first 5th gen Pokemon to be released and the first to get a movie. It also helps that he has similar body structure to Lucario (which may get Lucario axed), making him the most conventional choice. You can't really denied that he has a good shot of being playable.

Another likely character is no other then Victini. Like Zoroark, it also had a movie, but what helps its chances is that it was three months before SSB4 begins developments. Note that Lucario's movie was three months before SSBB started development and he was in as a playable character. Victini along with Mewtwo are the only Pokemon to have starred in two movies, helping Victini's chances tremendously. It is more relevant to Japan then Zoroark is now and since Sakurai will be primarily looking at Japan for characters, Victini has the upper hand in relevancy and to a lesser extend, importance to the series. Finally, Victini is Junichi Masuda's favorite Pokemon and since bias will play a role on who gets in, I can see Game Freak pushing for Victini's inclusion. Frankly, the only thing standing in his way is his Mew-like status, which can be overcome thanks to the things he has going for his inclusion.

Let's not forget the possibility of Mewtwo returning as a playable character. While Mewtwo was weak in Melee, he was highly popular among the casual community and many people were outraged over his removal in Brawl. This has, in turn, lead to him being highly requested for a return in SSB4 not only in Japan, but all around the world, something that no other character has the advantage of. A big one going for him is that he was the closest to being playable in SSBB with victory music and sound effects in it so Sakurai did not intend to remove him. I have a theory that at least one cut character will return to SSB4 since SSBM and SSBB have received characters that were planned but cut in previous installments. Since it's likely my theory will hold true, I can easily see Mewtwo return. Heck, I actually have a feeling he will return, even if his chances aren't all that great.

Another potential 1st gen candidate is Meowth who has been very significant to the Pokemon series, having been presented in the majority of Pokemon episodes and appearing in all twelve movies. He also has logos in Pokemon stores in Japan, which shows that he is at least somewhat relevant to the Pokemon series and to this day, is among the most popular 1st gen Pokemon. It is very possible that since Pokemon gets two newcomers per game that Meowth could finally make his debut as a playable character.

Even though no 3rd gen Pokemon made the cut as a playable character, if a remake is announced sometimes in 2012 or early-mid 2013, there's a somewhat decent shot of us getting a 3rd gen character in the mix. One of these candidates is Plusle & Minun, who is rumored to have been planned for Brawl. If this is the case, I can easily see it be considered as a playable character again and it seems as Game Freak likes electric mouses in Smash, so who knows?
A highly requested character in Brawl that did not go through was no other then Deoxys who is the most deserving Pokemon rep not playable yet. He has an incredible move set potential that if utilized correctly would make him one of the most unique characters not yet playable in Smash. A 3rd gen remake would make him a plausible candidate for SSB4.

There are two more 5th gen candidates. One of them is Genesect who seems to be 5th gen's Mewtwo who seems to be thrown around a few times. Right now, it hasn't been revealed, but if it gets a movie next summer, it has a chance of getting in. The first part of SSB4's will be spent on the basic, so the roster will likely not be locked until late next year.

Meloetta is another possible "dark horse" candidate. Like Genesect, it has not been revealed yet, but it has a chance of getting in as a playable character as well and unlike Genesect, already has a good reason why it should be included. Supposedly, based off Melee and Brawl, Sakurai enjoys the concept of transformation characters in Smash, as shown with Zelda/Sheik, Samus/Zero Suit Samus, and Pokemon Trainer. If another transformation character is added, chances are that Sakurai will look towards Meloetta as the 5th gen rep, especially if it gets a movie in Summer of 2012.

Overall: Pokemon has the most competition of all Nintendo series out their so far in regards to potential candidates. These are the eight I consider to be the most probable. Both Zoroark and Victini have solid shots of being playable, Mewtwo chances of returning are 50/50, Meowth has a slim chance of finally being playable, one of Plusle & Minun and Deoxys getting in if a 3rd gen remake is announce soon is somewhat decent, and other 5th gen candidates like Genesect and Meloetta could also be playable if one of them get a movie next summer. The question isn't if we will get a rep, the question is who will get in. Which quite frankly is not as easy of a question to answer as people think.


This is another series that I do not expect any characters from since F-zero is at a halt but there has been moderately high requests for a second F-zero rep, so despite the series irrelevancy, it could finally happen. Of those, there are two characters to pick from.

Samurai Goroh is one of those candidates. The main thing he has going for his inclusion is his Assist Trophy status in Brawl and since it looks like a considered candidates, showing off move set potentials. He's also currently the most highly requested F-zero rep out their so far, not to mention has been with the series since the beginning, so he will probably be considered.

Another major candidates for the possible second F-zero spot is Black Shadow, who I think is a tad bit more likely. He is an important character in F-zero GX, much more so then Samurai Goroh. Black Shadow has also been requested to take Ganondorf's move set and for Ganondorf to be unique and since it has been requested in Japan, Sakurai may notice this and agree. Another thing that helps him is that he played a major role as the main antagonist of the F-zero anime that aired last decade, helping to increase his popularity by a large margin.

Overall: While I don't expect any F-zero character not named Captain Falcon, it is certainly possible and not something I would rule out completely. Both Samurai Goroh and Black Shadow have a marginal shot of being playable.

All potential candidates are highly unlikely. Yes I actually said it, highly unlikely. The series is finished, it is as likely to lose one of it's rep then gain another one.

Fire Emblem:

Like F-zero, I do not expect the series to get any reps in SSB4, but if it does happen, the choices will almost definitely go to one of these three characters.

The front runner is Caeda, who is one of the major characters of the Akaneia era (along with of course Marth). The one thing she has over Black Knight and Roy that may get her in Smash is that she is fully relevant to gaming. While relevancy isn't an absolute factor, it is important in deciding characters as most characters that were picked in Melee and Brawl were relevant. Caeda seems to be growing in requests to be playable as well, so maybe it'll happen.

Black Knight is another possible contender. He got a decent amount of representation in Brawl, which indicates he may have been considered for Brawl as a playable character but didn't make the cut, so he could be considered again if a third Fire Emblem rep is indeed playable. He was a major antagonist in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and playable for part of the latter game. Not only that, he is also the only recurring major villain in the series, helping his case even more. With that, I can easily see him getting in the game.

Last on our list is Roy, the protagonist of FE6. The fact that he was playable in Melee already help his case. Another significant thing to note is that he was planned to be part of Brawl's cast as the third Fire Emblem rep, but was cut, so he was at least considered to be in the game (how being cut hurt his chances for SSB4 is a different story). Right now, he's the least likely of the three potential candidates to come back, but all this could change. There has been a rumor that a remake of Roy's game would occur. If this is true and if it announced this year or mid-next year, Roy's chances goes up significantly. For now, we'll deal with what we have.

Overall: I don't expect any new Fire Emblem reps, just Marth and Ike, but a third Fire Emblem rep is certainly plausible. Whenever that's Marth's wife, a recurring villain, or a returnee remains to be seen.

Kid Icarus:

Kid Icarus is almost certainly getting a second rep, especially if Kid Icarus Uprising is successful. With this, it leaves us with two major candidates, Palutena and Medusa.

Palutena is the most important character in the Kid Icarus series next to Pit himself, being the only major character to have appeared on all three installments. Since importance is the strongest factor in deciding characters , Palutena could be picked as the second rep based off this. The question is if Sakurai is willing to change Final Smashes.

However, Medusa is by far the most likely. Not only is she the third most important Kid Icarus character in the series, what boosts her chances above that of Palutena is that she is highly requested to make a playable appearance. Since Palutena isn't requested much, Sakurai will likely consider Medusa over Palutena as the second rep. However, Palutena could get in as the third Kid Icarus rep so there's a chance both are playable.

Overall: I would be sincerely surprised if a new Kid Icarus rep doesn't show up. Palutena and Medusa both have decent shots of being playable with Medusa being much more likely. Magnus is also possible, but I think he'll be kept out.

Another one of those "probably not getting a rep" franchise. There is very low demand for one and none of the reps have a good chance of getting in at all. Even Louie, the most likely Pikmin rep has an abysmal chance of being playable. The only likely thing is Olimar's return, which is thankfully guarantee.


I would be heavily surprised if no new retro came up this time around especially since we've gotten two in Melee and Brawl, so I think we'll get one, if not two retro reps for SSB4 and I am 99% certain it'll be from this group.

Takamaru is definitely the most likely retro choice out there. He recently got a remake on Samurai Warriors 3 and since Sakurai said if he got a new game he would consider him for Smash. Since a remake would count as a new game, Sakurai will almost certainly be considering him as a playable character and he'll probably make the cut due to being Nintendo's first samurai (Which is kind of important) and being highly requested to make an appearance as a playable character. Further helping his chances is that he is decently requested in Japan.

Lip is less likely, but could get in over Takamaru. What she represents is the Puzzle League series, and if she got in, she would be representing that genre, which wasn't exactly done justice with Paper Mario and didn't get a playable character at all in Brawl. Sakurai may opt for more variety and since Lip would be highly unique and represent the puzzle series, I can see Sakurai picking her.

Finally there's Duck Hunt Dog, which could be our unexpected retro candidate. Duck Hunt Dog is very significant to Nintendo's history and would be SSB4's R.O.B., a character that everyone dislike the addition of at first but then come to love him. If playable and with a very unique move set, Sakurai will get very creative and since he said he doesn't want just popular choices, Duck Hunt Dog is one of these possible good unexpected candidates.

Overall: The only really likely one is Takamaru, but Lip and/or Duck Hunt Dog could get in over Takamaru. Like Mario and Pokemon, it likely isn't a question of if it'll happen, but who will be represented.

Modern Unrepresented Series:

One thing that most people want to see is new series get playable characters in SSB4 and plenty of characters from this pool has the potential to get in SSB4.

We'll start with the most likely, which is of course Little Mac. Generally considered to be the most likely newcomer for SSB4, Little Mac is highly relevant to the gaming scene, having his game revived in 2009 that did fantastically, selling over a million. This has made him an important face of Nintendo gaming like he was back in the NES days and is the most important Nintendo series without a playable rep that has decent potentials to get one. He is also very highly requested to be playable in SSB4 and being among the very few that has been almost universally requested for a playable appearance (the others being King K. Rool, Isaac, and Ridley, if of course you don't count trolls). If Sakurai looks outside of Japan for what people want, Little Mac is practically a shoe-in.

Following behind him is Isaac, main protagonist of the first Golden Sun game. The first game sold the best and was received the best, making him already the most well known character out of the Golden Sun game. Not only that, he has also appeared in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, so he remains relevant to the series even though different protagonists take his place as the leading role, which also makes him the most important character in the series. Like Little Mac, Isaac has the blessing of receiving almost no opposition from detractors and being extremely highly requested for SSB4 in the west. He is a very likely candidate, especially if Sakurai looks out west.

Saki Amamiya is another likely character to get the spot. Although not as universally demanded as Little Mac or Isaac, Saki Amamiya is still a highly requested character to be playable in SSB4. Unlike Little Mac or Isaac, Saki Amamiya seems to be wanted in both the West and Japan (or at least a Sin & Punishment character in general) and like Isaac, is known as the main figure of the Sin & Punishment series, so seniority will likely be chosen over the new character (Isa Jo) if a Sin & Punishment rep gets in. What helps him out the most is his Assist Trophy status. Assist Trophy status in Brawl helps out with chances if it demonstrate move set potentials and Saki does the best job at it. Not only that, it seems to be the most polish, so it's likely that Saki was the closest to being playable out of all Assist Trophy characters. The description on it also helps him. If there is Wii-U exclusives, then I expect to see Saki in there. Had his series been more successful and was he relevant, then Saki would be a shoe-in in my books. Still, I think he has high chances.

Starfy is another potential candidate to be playable. Unlike Saki, Starfy is fully relevant to the gaming world as the game did decently in Japan and well in North America, selling a combined total of 750k. Being seen as Kirby's rival could also help him out in the long run as Sakurai could be willing to show off the rivalry in having both characters playable in SSB4. His Assist Trophy status also helps (and to a lesser extend, harm) his chances of getting in. So I can see him in.

Ray is a little more questionable. He isn't highly requested, but he gets some mention for a playable spot once in awhile, so he isn't completely forgotten. Helping him out even more is his Assist Trophy status, which like Saki, show move set potential he could have if playable. Ray will likely be considered, it's just a matter of whenever or not Sakurai thinks he's worthy of a promotion.

Jiro's chances aren't really all that good, but unlike the other five, he is a new series and one possible thing Sakurai will look at is new characters that came out between Brawl and SSB4 and Jiro is one of these character Sakurai may look at as a potential playable candidate. If he ends up being well-known, his chances will go up significantly.

Overall: I am expecting at least two modern series to make the cut and I can see up to five modern series get a playable rep. Little Mac and Isaac are highly likely with Saki, Starfy, Ray, and Jiro also being possibilities.

Third-Party Characters:

I do not expect third-party characters to return at all, mainly to avoid disappointing myself, but nevertheless, third-party characters returning are almost inevitable and new additions are very likely to occur (I don't consider the additions by themselves to be very likely, but they are possible). With those comes many, many potential candidates for SSB4

Out of all potential third-party characters, Mega Man is by far the most likely. Despite recent events that has reminded he's anything but a shoe-in, he has a lot going for his inclusion. His history with Nintendo is something that almost no third-party characters can share and one that beats out many Nintendo characters themselves, with over half of his games appearing on Nintendo consoles. He is also very important to Capcom history, putting them on the map and being considered one of their best series. He also have extremely high requests to be playable and has some of the most dedicated fans so far that heavily push for his inclusion in Smash. If we get one new third-party character, chances are that it is going to be Mega Man. Back in the day, he was synonymous with Nintendo product, so he has more going for him then other third-party characters.

There are, of course, other options. Slime has a history with Nintendo as big if not more so then Mega Man and is among the most loved characters in video game history, mascot of the very famous and long-running Dragon Quest which has done even better then Mega Man has, with almost 3/4 of his game being on Nintendo consoles. A Square Enix seems to be popular in Japan as well with Slime being mainly talked about, further helping his chances as a playable character. Square Enix and Nintendo also have a great relationship with each other, with Nintendo publishing a few Dragon Quest games by themselves, including oversea, localizing Dragon Quest IX, which is big news. This opens the door for Slime's inclusion and while he lacks popular demand worldwide, Slime is a distant second.

Professor Layton ties with Slime in likeliness. His series has been doing extremely well with all of this games being published on the DS and 3DS and being the best-selling third-party handheld series that originated on the DS and has gotten a title on the 3DS. There is also a cross-over being done on the 3DS with Capcom over Phoenix Wright, so Level-5 may be willing to let them cross over with Nintendo's Smash game. What is also significant to note is that all games published oversea was published by no other then Nintendo themselves, so Level-5 and Nintendo have a great relationship with each other. Oh and it appears as the company wants Professor Layton in Smash as well and are serious about it. I definitely see the Professor getting in the game.

Beside Mega Man, the only one I can see getting in from Capcom's side is Ryu. Since Sukapon was shot down by Sakurai, Ryu is the only realistic choice fans have of getting a fighting game representation in Smash. Capcom seems to be pushing Ryu the most in games, with him appearing in every Street Fighter and Vs. Capcom game. If this pattern continues, Ryu should get in Smash if we cross-over. However, the problem with his inclusion is that fans wants Mega Man, not Ryu, so if Mega Man gets in, Ryu may be sitting out of this cross-over. That doesn't take away from the fact that he is a potential candidate.

So what if Ryu from Street Fighter is out? Ryu Hayabusa could still get in. He has a good history with Nintendo, with it spawning back to 1989 and half of it's game being on Nintendo platforms. Like Square Enix and Level-5, Tecmo has a good relationship with Nintendo, with them developing Metroid: Other M, Dead or Alive: Dimensions appearing on the 3DS with a Metroid stage where Samus and Ridley fight in the cameo, and three Ninja Gaiden games coming to the Wii-U and 3DS. Tecmo could capitalize on this relationship by putting Ryu Hayabusa in Smash and if demands become strong, it'll only makes him more likely, Not as likely as the four above, but I can see him getting in.

Now Tails is going to be a very controversial choice here, but while I don't envision him as likely, he does have more of a chance then detractors like to admit. He has a lot going against him, but some as well. The first question to ask is if Sonic will return. Since I see that as very likely (if he doesn't Tails has zero chances), let's move to the next question, will Sonic bring a partner with him? Possibly, but we can't be sure. But if it does happen, it will almost definitely be Tails.

Tails is currently relevant to the Sonic series and is one of the only major characters along with Sonic and Eggman that continues to appear in Sonic games, whereas Shadow, Knuckles, and others are fading away in relevancy. He is also one of the most popular and loved Sonic characters not named Sonic and would be very unique providing he utilize his gadgets for fighting, which makes him a choice that Sega would likely go with. Tails is likely to be one of the more popular candidates for SSB4 if Sonic return and high demands may convince Sega and Nintendo to put him in. Finally, he is the third most important character in the series, just behind Eggman and of course Sonic.

Overall: If new third-party characters comes to Smash, it will almost certainly be one or two. Maybe three in a 50+ slot set-up, but that's highly unlikely. Not wanting to be disappointed, I expect no third-party characters, but with them being so popular in Smash, the chances of that happening is next to none. Individually, since every candidates have two or more things hurting their chances (being third-party hurt them by default), none of them are close to shoe-in status, but the six I've mentioned rise above the other potential third-party characters in terms of likeliness for the reasons given out. Mark my words, the third-party characters that become playable will be from the above list (and of course Snake and Sonic).

Honorable mentions:

Geno: I don't think his chances are absolutely zero, but he is highly unlikely to get in. His popularity has dropped a lot since Brawl and will likely never come back up. If Sakurai did not follow the Geno Alliance, Geno is screwed.

Dixie Kong (solo): Since Dixie was planned as a duo with Diddy, I very much doubt Sakurai will put her by herself when more people want King K. Rool to take the third spot. Her only real hope is with Sakurai putting Diddy and Dixie Kong together. Not to say it's impossible for her to go solo, I just don't see it happening.

Midna/Vaati: Irrelevant and gets little requests to be playable. They will probably not be playable since they missed their best shot in Brawl.

Toon Zelda/Sheik: The only thing going for her is the fact she was in the Forbidden Seven. That's it. Now you could say the same for Plusle & Minun, but if we get a 3rd gen remake announced next year, they have a shot of getting in this time since I see the more unlikely choices being from Pokemon.

Dark Samus/Sylux/other Metroid rep: They missed their best shot in Brawl. Dark Samus is not returning, so she'll get less and less likely with each installment. Sylux needs to make an appearance in another game or he's almost certainly not getting in. Other Metroid rep simply isn't wanted at all. The only semi-probable choice is Ridley.

More Pokemon Trainer: I really don't see this happening, especially not one to replace Red. Sakurai will probably see this as a waste of time to replace Red (the most iconic trainer of the series) with a 2nd/3rd/4th/5th gen Pokemon Trainer. As for a second one, many people are against it because it would take away from Red's uniqueness, so that's probably going to cause lots of uproars as well.

Travis Touchdown: When implying whenever or not Suda 51 wanted Travis Touchdown in SSB4, he wasn't really serious about it. This pretty much gives him extremely little chances of being playable. The only real thing going for him is the fact he was credited at Brawl's credit.

With that, we come to a close in another essay of SSB4 Journal. I'll ask a few question as I'd like to get discussion going:

1. Who would you add to the list and who would you remove?
2. How would you rank the characters on the potential newcomer pool, including ones you added?

I'd rank them list this (in no specific order):

King K. Rool
Little Mac

Bowser Jr.
Dr. Mario (Alternate costume)
Paper Mario
Saki Amamiya
Mega Man

Toad (could go up in Considerable, not really sure on this)
Diddy and Dixie Kong
Samurai Goroh
Black Shadow
Ray Legends
Professor Layton
Ryu (Street Fighter)

Dixie Kong (solo)
Toon Zelda/Sheik
Plusle & Minun
Black Knight
Duck Hunt Dog
Ryu Hayabusa

Very Unlikely:
More Pokemon Trainers
Travis Touchdown

The competition for Pokemon is fierce. The vast majority of Pokemon reps suggested could easily be made playable, but which of the few will see the light and day in Smash as playable characters? This shows that making the correct decision for Pokemon reps is crucial and failing to do so will cause a huge fall-out with fans. There are many wrong choices and very, very few right ones. We will likely see four or five slots in SSB4. One of them is going to Pikachu, and the other will likely be claimed by Pokemon Trainer and Jigglypuff. The real question is, who will be that newcomer? This is a question that cannot easily be answered, but there are a few answers I come across upon. Of those, one answer that frequently comes up is Zoroark. Zoroark is popular, was one of the first Pokemon revealed for the 5th gen, was the first 5th gen Pokemon to get a movie, and currently is the most highly requested Pokemon for SSB4. The problem with Zoroark is that while he is likely, the things going for him is not enough to make him a shoe-in. There are no guarantees for Pokemon reps and to treat him as a shoe-in or the only option for a 5th gen rep shows that people don't understand that there are other choices that could relegate him to a Pokeball. His biggest threat is Victini and it is as likely if not more so then Zoroark.

For those who support Zoroark, why do people even bother with Victini or give it a chance to be playable? There are a lot of things to say that goes for its inclusion and not much that goes in its way. Remember, there are more to Pokemon then popularity. While popularity is important, as shown in Brawl when Lucario got in over Deoxys and Blaziken, both of which who were far more requested then Lucario, it is not the be all, end all when deciding characters. Other things must be taken into account, such as relevancy and importance. Let's take a look at the four Pokemon slots in Brawl:

First of all is Pikachu. Why is Pikachu in the game? Fans of the series will obviously know why; because he is important to the series and remains relevant to this day. He is the mascot of his series and was promptly advertised as one; having an anime with him as the main Pokemon character and it runs to this day. He also constantly makes appearances in spin-off titles, so he is relevant in not only the anime, but also to video game fans.

Jigglypuff may not be spoken of much anymore, but he got in because like Pikachu, he was highly relevant at the time and very important to the series. Back in the day, he was among the most important Pokemon next to Pikachu. With the fact that he has survived all three Smash games, Jigglypuff remains relevant to the Pokemon series and Nintendo. If he had been forgotten, he would have been playable only once or twice before getting the boot.

Pokemon Trainer is Red, the protagonists of the original game. Why would they pick Red over Lucas in Diamond & Pearl or Brendan in Ruby & Sapphire? Because when fans think of a Pokemon Trainer, most of them point to Red, who is considered to be the most important and popular Pokemon Trainer to this day. This clearly shows that importance is the most important factor in deciding characters, Pokemon included, which in return, keeps him relevant to the gaming world

Whenever Deoxys and Blaziken fans like to admit it or not, Lucario got in because he was among the most popular 4th gen Pokemon at the time. Not only that, he was relevant before Diamond & Pearl got released, with his movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew coming out on July 16, 2005, meaning that he had enough time to gain popularity to become playable in SSBB. More relevant then Deoxys and more relevant then Blaziken. This is a clear indication that relevancy is important to a character's inclusion.

Now that we have established that the four in Brawl got in due to importance and relevancy, it will play a part in a 5th gen newcomer in SSB4. In this case, Victini has the upper hand and he is catching up in popularity. Let's compare:

Zoroark had a movie on July 10, 2010. It's good that he was the 5th gen Pokemon to get a movie, but there's a problem here. It is one year and three months before SSB4 starts development. If Zoroark was to be near guarantee a spot, he would have to maintain his popularity for that span of time to seal his spot and it did not work. Zoroark's popularity for Smash is fading because he was advertised as the 5th Gen Lucario, which did not work that well. As a matter of fact, I think it was counterproductive because it caused some fans to look at him with a negative eye and discourage from supporting him for SSB4, myself included, because really, it looks like he is a likely replacement for Lucario, which quite frankly, not many fans like the idea of. He is popular, but is fading in relevancy, wasn't really that important to Pokemon in the first place (The same can be said for most Pokemons with a few exceptions), popularity never reached the height of Lucario did in it's heyday, and requests for SSB4 is dwindling. Furthermore, if it did get in, it would continue the negative stereotype that "we must haz humanoid Pokemon". It is for this and other reasons why some people have turned towards Victini for other reps.

Victini's movies came out on July 16, 2011. Refer back to why Lucario was relevant enough to be included. His movie came out three months before Brawl's development and he's in Brawl. Victini has two movies that comes three months before SSB4 starts development. Notice the correlation here and understand why this is important. As we speak, Victini's popularity is growing among fans and he is gaining more requests to make a playable appearance in SSB4, even consisting of former Zoroark supporters. While it isn't much as Zoroark, I would not be surprise to see it go over that of Zoroark as like I said, it is increasing. Victini also doesn't have to worry about the wait, he only has to maintain and increase popularity for three months, not nearly as daunting of a challenge and which he is more likely to succeed at. Remember that he has not one, but two movies. What this means is that the developers consider Victini important enough to have two movies and is a good indication that they really want to push Victini as this popular Pokemon that everyone loves for at least this gen. Guess who also had two movies? Mewtwo. He was in Melee. Finally, there's the fact that Victini's movie will be release worldwide this December and not only that, it is the first movie since 2003 to be released in the move theaters. It is a limited released on December 3rd and 4th of 2011 and on 300 theaters, but it does show that they are promoting Victini.

The similar body argument has frequently been used for a reason why Zoroark may get in and Zoroark supporters are right in that it does help his chances. However, Victini also has similar body structure to other Pokemons that have already been playable, which is Pichu. As such, Sakurai may be more comfortable with implenting Victini in due to the body structure that is similar to Pichu then it would be if Victini had a totally different structure. Overall, Victini also benefits from having similar body structures of previously playable characters. Also, Victini benefits from not having a negative stereotype in regards to body structure.

There really isn't much going against Victini's inclusion in SSB4 anyway. The only valid one I have seen going against his inclusion is the fact that he is a Mew-like Pokemon. While it does hurt his chances, it does not completely throw it away. I will also counter that with that all pattern we notice are Gambler's Fallacy. Just because Mew-like Pokemons have gotten the Pokeball treatment does not guarantee that Victini won't be playable because he has more going for his inclusion then Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Manaphy ever did. Patterns can easily be broken and this is among the most likely patterns to be broken in SSB4, with all the reasons I have mentioned earlier.

Even if he is Mew-like, he is different in that he doesn't usually levitate like the others but instead uses his feet. Look at the sprite in Pokemon Black & White. You will notice that Vicitni is shown on the ground and standing on it. Whereas the others tend to float and levitate. This would make it difficult to see Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, or Manaphy as playable character. But because Victini does not have that disadvantage, it is much easier to imagine it fighting.

The other arguments are very silly to say the least. It does not matter that Victini is legendary, as Mewtwo was a legendary, yet playable in Melee, it does not matter that Victini is an event Pokemon because Zoroark is an event Pokemon as well, being cute has no bearing on its chances and it really doesn't matter that it lacks a gender, as Mewtwo lacks one as well, yet is playable in Melee. If these things bar characters from getting in, Mewtwo and Zoroark would also stand zero chance of being playable in SSB4.

But why support Victini? If nothing else, support him because he would mean good things for the Pokemon roster. Many fans are hoping that one of Mewtwo/Lucario returns to SSB4. Their main problem is not their relevancy, but Zoroark, who has a similar build to both of these two. If he gets in, it is very unlikely that Mewtwo/Lucario will get in as well, which would cause a large outrage with fans because neither Mewtwo/Lucario are playable in SSB4 (he would be in to appease the bitter Mewtwo and Lucario fans). Not only that, it would leave fans disappointed because I doubt with Zoroark's inclusion that we'll get five slots, since once again, he has similar build to Lucario/Mewtwo and this could interfere with a fifth slot. With Victini, the chances of Mewtwo/Lucario getting in is much higher and while some people may prefer Zoroark, since Mewtwo's return is highly requested, I don't think many people would be upset if we saw a Pokemon roster consisting of Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pokemon Trainer, Mewtwo/Lucario, and Victini as opposed to Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pokemon Trainer, and Zoroark.

There are no guarantees for Pokemon. To assume that there is one in an unpredictable climate like this is far too absolute. His inclusion is what could finally convince Sora Ltd. to put Mewtwo/Lucario in SSB4; something that Zoroark will do otherwise. By no means Victini is a shoe-in, but look behind his Mew-like status and you will see that he has a lot going for his inclusion. Not in a Pokeball, but to be considered among Nintendo All-Stars; a playable character.

The competition for Pokemon is fierce. There are a ton of potential Pokemon reps for SSB4, but only a few will get in. Pikachu is guarantee and we are very likely to see both Pokemon Trainer and Jigglypuff return as well. But the question remains, who will get the fourth and/or fifth spot? Zoroark is frequently one of these answers and while a likely one, is not a shoe-in as many people seem to assume. There are other potential candidates that could be the 5th gen rep. This is where Victini comes in and I think his chances are as good if not more so then Zoroark's and for many reasons.

The first off is that he is getting not one, but two movies in two days. No other Pokemon has gotten two movies on the same days and the only other one who has gotten two movies central to him is Mewtwo, who was playable in Melee. What's also important to note that it has a correlation to Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. On July 16, 2005, that movie was released in Japan with Brawl's development starting on October, 2005. Note that Lucario is playable in Brawl. Victini's movie is on July 16, 2011 and SSB4's development is on October, 2011. This makes Victini more relevant then Zoroark now.

Secondly, he is Junichi Masuda's favorite Pokemon. He isn't just some Pokemon fan either, he is one of the founding members of Game Freak and the Director of the Board. Also keep in mind that Game Freak has a hand in directing Smash content. I would not be surprise if Masuda's bias would get Victini over Zoroark. Also, remember that Masuda's previous favorite Pokemon was Pichu, and he got into Melee.

There's also the fact that unlike previous Mew-like Legendary Pokemon, he has proper structure for fighting. Granted, I don't think not having one is an absolute bar to a characters inclusion, but it helps him a lot that he does. Also note that he is growing in requests and popularity as people really want to see him in SSB4. While not as popular as Zoroark yet, there has been some demand for his inclusion, so it's not like Victini is one of those barely requested characters that will probably never be in SSB4. Furthermore, also take into the account the possibility that support will exceed that of Zoroark, which will likely increase after his movie comes out.

For bonus point, his ears is very similar to a five Roman Numeral number, meaning Victini represent the fifth gen.

Some arguments that are thrown around or could potentially come up that I will refute:

"Victini is not bipedal!"

False, Victini is bipedal. Since a bipedal Pokemon has been made playable in every installment, that means even if a 5th gen Pokemon newcomer has to be bipedal, it does not rule out Victini, since Jigglypuff is bipedal without a tail, yet is playable in all three games. This does not affect Victini's chances.

"Victini is legendary!"

It is true that we get at least one non-legendary Pokemon made playable per installment, but this doesn't mean Victini can't be playable nor does it hurt his chances. Remember, Mewtwo was a legendary Pokemon in Melee and he was made playable. If he can get in, so can Victini. As you can see, being legendary means zilch for a characters inclusion.

"Victini is an event Pokemon!"

So is Zoroark. If being an event Pokemon matters so much, Zoroark would stand no chance of getting in.

"Victini is genderless!"

It doesn't mean anything. Mewtwo was playable in SSBM and he did not have a gender.

"Victini is Mew-like!"

This one is actually valid, but even so, it does not completely throw his chances away. We cannot assume the same rules for Pokemon characters that applied in the last game will apply to this one. Last game, only the Pokemon from the movies plus one appeared in the game. With SSB4, they have an entire gen to work with so they have no restriction to worry about when developing the game and I highly doubt the 6th gen will receive rep with playable characters. Plus while patterns are a good thing to look for, it is not the "Be all, end all" when it comes to characters inclusion. Nothing said that Mew-like legendary Pokemon characters can't be upgraded to playable status. While not Mew-like, Mewtwo is even more powerful then Mew in the games and he is playable. Overall, this is the only one I can really understand, but with other things going for him, it's not as big of a deal as

What this should show is that while there is no guarantees for his inclusion, it also shows that Zoroark is not the only option for a rep. Whenever you like it or not, Victini does have a realistic shot at being playable.

  If you've read my last blog, you should know that I am only really expecting 44 character slots to be made available in the game. Granted, 45-49 are certainly possibly, but just to be safe and to avoid disappointed, I'm keeping my expectations at 44 characters. So with that said, here are my opinion of the ten most likely characters in SSB4.

10. Saki Amamiya (Sin & Punishment):

Sin & Punishment is one of those franchises that would do great in the Super Smash Bros. universe. As we can see, there is clearly a chance that we could be seeing a rep from that series as a playable character in SSB4. Either Saki or Isa will get the spot if a rep comes, but I pick Saki for these reasons:

He was an Assist Trophy. Granted, this won't guarantee a person getting into the next game, but if the player has fighting potential, it sure does help their chances. His trophy clearly shows that his fighting skills are good enough to be made into a playable character, not to mention a very unique style could be seen. Being an Assist Trophy means that Saki will probably be considered since it means less work on the developer to translate Assist Trophy characters into playable characters.

His popularity isn't exactly the highest, but I have seen considerable demands for the character and I haven't seen any argument in why he should not get in the game. Unfortunately, he hasn't appeared in a game since his own in 2000, which hurts him a lot, but I can still see the character get in. If not him, then at least Isa Jo should get in.

Saki Amamiya: 75%

9. 5th Pokemon Character Slot (Pokemon):

This may contradict me talking about newcomers a bit, but it does relate to me thinking why I think five Pokemon slots is not out of the question:

In Melee and Brawl, we got four Pokemon slots. Melee had three horizontal rows and Brawl had four, each row containing one Pokemon. There is a pattern going on. The original had two horizontal rows, Melee had three, and Brawl had four. If this continues, we'll be seeing five horizontal rows. This could also contribute to five Pokemon slots. It doesn't guarantee it, but considering that I highly doubt Pokemon Trainer will be replaced or receive modification (A la Young Link in Melee became Toon Link in Brawl), it's worth looking into a fifth potential candidate.

The first one is Lucario coming back. While it seems to be tradition to replace old Pokemon not Pikachu or Jigglypuff with different character, this has only been done one time and as such, we can't predict what will happen. Other reasons why Lucario might stay is because his move set and the way he plays makes him a much better player then Mewtwo and I suspect that Mewtwo and Pichu's terrible standing in tiers contributed to their replacements. Also note that Lucario is still very popular. It doesn't mean he'll be saved, but he by no means guarantee to go, even if he is the most likely Brawl character to be cut.

Another candidate to note is Mewtwo, who like Lucario, isn't exactly likely, but still has a shot. Even if his play was terrible in Melee, many Melee vets miss Mewtwo very much and I myself would like him to see him return. What makes him possible is that while Pichu, Dr. Mario, and Roy were all clones and were probably cut for those reasons, Mewtwo was an unique player that despite his play, many people enjoyed. There are a lot of fan demand for this character and if the team is willing to cut back on newcomers and still have five reps, Mewtwo could be making his comeback.

There's also the possibility of an entirely new rep coming. 1st gen has received one rep per generation and if this pattern continues, Meowth is the most likely to come out of it since his demands are increasing steadily and with him being mention as one of the most famous Pokemon along with Pikachu, this would complete the 1st gen reps. Sadly, like Mewtwo and Lucario, his chances aren't good.

We could also be seeing two new reps from the 5th gen, One is near guarantee, but another is also possible to fill in the 5th spot, which are Victini and Zoroark. However, I doubt this will be the case.

Still, even thought we can't predict who will get the fifth spot, a fifth Pokemon slot is more likely then you think.

5th Pokemon Rep: 75%
Lucario: 50%
Mewtwo: 40%
Meowth: 35%
Zoroark: 25% (In the case that Zoroark doesn't get the fourth spot)
Victini: 25% (In the case that Victini doesn't get the fourth spot)

8. King K. Rool (Donkey Kong):

Very few characters not playable yet has the honor of a vast majority of people (In comparative form, I see 90% of people who mention him in SSB4 that want him in) wanting a character in the next Smash game. One of those exceptions is King K. Rool.

People don't support Ridley due to being "too big", people don't support blade-weiders because "we have too many of them", people don't support third-party characters because they "defeat the purpose a Nintendo All-Star character". What makes King K. Rool a likely candidate for SSB4 is because there's not really much of a reason why King K. Rool shouldn't be in. As such, he is a very highly supported character for SSB4 and also among the most popular.

Like others here, he has move set potentials and I can already imagine a few potential move sets for King K. Rool, making him for a potentially very unique player. What makes him even more unique is that he can use not one, but two alternate costumes, something that if he gets in, probably no one will have the ability to boast about as he is known for his disguise in the three Donkey Kong Country games he's in. Furthermore, regardless of what people say, he is still relevant to the franchise, having appeared in Mario Super Sluggers in August, 2009 in North America and Japan (The game was a big hit). That said, he is not a shoe-in as he did not appear in Donkey Kong Country Returns, which hurts his chance, but he still has a very good chance of getting into the next game, even with only 44 slots.

King K. Rool: 80%

7. Takamaru (The Mysterious Murasame Castle):

Up until I heard about him in the SSB4 thread, I didn't even know this guy existed in the video game world. When I first thought of him, I thought he didn't have much of a chance to even be represented as a trophy, considering that all he got was a sticker in Brawl.

Now that I've done my research, I can conclude that his chances are much more likely then you think. One thing to remember is that Sakurai said if he made an appearance in another game, he would consider Takamaru. Since Brawl, Takamaru has appeared in no less than three games, Captain Rainbow, WarioWare: D.I.Y., and Samurai Chronicles 3, the latter of which had a remake in the Wii version dedicated to him. While the first was Japanese exclusive, the later games went internationally and as such, Takamaru is now not only not a completely forgotten character, but a potential rep for Super Smash Bros. 4. Sakurai will take notice of this and as such, Takamaru may very well be considered at this very moment.

His popularity is also increasing with the fanbase. I've noticed that more and more people are wanting Takamaru in the game. As his popularity grows, so will his chances of getting into the game. His former obscurity does keep him from being a shoe-in, but he is clearly relevant and as such, will probably be someone we play with in SSB4.

Takamaru: 82.5%

6. Mega Man (Rock Man):

Of all the characters I want in the next Smash, the classic Blue Bomber is my most wanted. Luckily for me and many other, he is also among the most likely and has the benefit of being the only likely new third-party character.

Third-party characters are something that before Brawl, was considered something that would never happen. With Snake and Sonic in, it seems as everyone is expecting three or four third-party characters. For SSB4, all I need is Snake, Sonic, and Mega Man in the game. Not only that, he's among the most wanted and expected character in the game, beating out almost everyone else and is easily the most wanted third-party character not in the game yet.

There's a lot of reason of why he stands a strong chance of getting in: First off, the Blue Bomber has had a long history with Nintendo, with the majority of it's titles (53% from my research) appearing on Nintendo systems and all main titles except Mega Man 8 being on a Nintendo platform, not to mention the first seven original version can only be found on the NES and SNES. In comparison to most companies, Capcom has a good relationship with Nintendo, being one of it's best supporters in all but the N64 days and showing promising support for the 3DS.

It's pretty much obvious that his move set has a very unique style that no Nintendo character can replicate (I doubt he'll be a Samus/Kirby clone). It's also a style that makes him a perfect fit into the Nintendo universe (Ryu would be a good character, but not exactly what would be normal the universe, although they did make Snake fit in well). It also helps that he is relevant to gamers today, having received appearance in Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10.

Most important is that he has a huge fan demand. In Brawl, he was the second most requested third-party character, next to Sonic. I guarantee that they will look that poll and use that to help determine the newcomers for the next game. And with demands only getting hotter and hotter, Nintendo should at least try to get him on board. There's also a rumor that Sakurai is working with Capcom on this, which if this is the case, makes him near a shoe-in as Capcom will try to get a Mega Man rep in. The only thing standing in his way is that other variations could be considered and that well, he's third-party.

With that all said, Mega Man is a very strong candidate for the next Smash and if he gets in along with Sonic and Snake, it'll be all that we need (Others are just bonus). So with that said, make it happen Nintendo!

Mega Man: 85%

5. Medusa (Kid Icarus):

Kid Icarus: Uprising is being developed by Sakurai himself and what this means for Smash is that it will almost certainly gain a second rep and possibly a third one as well. The most likely candidate is Medusa.

I think Palutena has a chance and I do want to see her in along with Medusa, but I'm worried that Pit's Final Smash could keep her out of the game as a playable character. Magnus is also unlikely because I doubt they would consider a character that just appeared in the latest game and let's face it, if he gets in SSB4, he's probably going to be an Assist Trophy. So this leaves us with Medusa.

Already, Medusa is gaining a lot of support to be in the next Smash, due to being female and a villain (Not that I think those two are important, I'm mainly support her because I think she'll be awesome and that I don't think other characters are likely, which is unfortunate) and that we could see a lot of move set potentials not found on any other players in the game. Kid Icarus: Uprising will give us a lot of work with in terms of move sets and I bet that if a second rep gets in, it'll be Medusa. While it breaks the "Villains comes third" pattern I've notices with characters, it doesn't mean that Medusa can be assumed to not be playable.

Medusa: 87.5%

4. Ridley (Metroid):

If there is one series that absolutely deserves a second rep after all this time, it is Metroid. Mario and Pokemon have four, Donkey Kong has two, Kirby has three, heck Fire Emblem has two and Earthbound has two and more people know Metroid then Fire Emblem or Earthbound. So after all this time, we still only have Samus.

Next installment will almost certainly change that because after all the demands Ridley has receive, I am confident that Ridley will be playable in the next Smash. Sakurai said that if they had put forth more effort, Ridley would have been playable in Brawl. By this, we can assume that Sakurai will be putting in that effort to make Ridley playable and if he succeed, an age old demand will finally be fulfill.

The size argument is full of crap and does not effect Ridley's chances of getting in. If Olimar and Bowser can be sized accordingly, so can he and Sakurai cannot rely on this excuse anymore. He has also been a boss twice in Brawl, which is more important then an Assist Trophy. The next logical step is to finally make him a playable character.

Ridley: 90%

3. Bowser Jr./Toad/Paper Mario (Super Mario. Bros):

Like a fourth Pokemon rep, I have a hard time imagining that this time, Mario would not get five reps. Last time, people expected at least five rep like in Melee. Instead, we only had four rep in Brawl, which was disappointing because even thought Dr. Mario didn't deserve to stay, there are Mario characters much more worthy of a spot. Now that SSB4 is around, I am near certain that a rep is coming for this series.

The question is who will be that rep. Like Pokemon reps, there is no definitive candidate for the next game, but people can generally agree on that the fifth rep will be one of Bowser Jr., Toad, and Paper Mario. The problem being is that we will not get all three in and I doubt two of these characters are getting in. So, let's see our possible candidates.

First up is Bowser Jr. Despite not even existing in the video game universe until July, 2002, he has been a very popular and highly requested Mario character to be in the game and his stardom has exploded, having appeared in numerous Mario spin-offs and all remaining titles. He has remained a major villain throughout the series, indicating that he certainly is much more relevant to the series then Nintendo. He also has the ability to transform into Shadow Mario, which could be put into use if Bowser Jr. is made playable and he has his paintbrush as well, which gives him a lot to work with. Bowser Jr. is certainly not unlikely, but his main problem is the (mild) hate fanbase and that he has intense competition from Toad and Paper Mario, but I will say that I think he'll make a good character

Toad is also possible to be in the next game. Of all the Mario players not in yet, he is the most significant to the Nintendo franchise, having been in games since 1985 with the revolutionary Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Like Bowser Jr., he has also been on numerous mainstream and spin-off games, but his time has been much longer then Bowser Jr. Both are certainly relevant, but Toad is more so, due to his long history with Nintendo. Like Bowser Jr., Toad has potential for a unique move set although I'm not exactly sure what he would do. However, the one thing that really does hurt his chances is that he's been relegated to Peach's Neutral B move. No character part of a move has been made playable yet, and unless Toad gets an insane amount of demand, he may very well remain as that for the rest of the series.

So if we can't get Toad or Bowser Jr., we can always get Paper Mario. This one is my personal favorite and if I had to choose a Mario rep, I would pick him. He would be pretty much the Mr. Game & Watch of SSB4 in uniqueness and we know how unique Mr. Game & Watch play is. He's also grabbing some support. Not as high as Bowser Jr., but more so then Toad has and would be a perfect rep for the Mario RPG series. Unfortunately, his chances are not great because he isn't nearly as prominent as Toad or Bowser Jr. and although Sora Litd. know of him, they probably won't consider him as relevant. That said, he's still my preferred Mario rep.

So overall, while it's a given that unless Sakurai screws up, there will be a fifth Mario rep but we really can't be certain on a candidate yet, That said, unlike Pokemon, we can at least narrow it down to three possible people. Overall, the only likely one IMO is Bowser Jr., but Toad and Paper Mario are certainly possible.

One of Bowser Jr./Toad/Paper Mario getting in: 92.5%
Bowser Jr.: 75%
Toad: 50%
Paper Mario: 60%

2. Little Mac (Punch-Out!!):

There are very few individual almost guarantee newcomers for Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii-U version. One of them is Ridley. Another is our Little Mac.

What makes Little Mac the most likely newcomer in the next game are for a multitude of reasons. First off, look at the support for this guy. Unlike anyone else, this person has near unanimous support for being in the next game (The only one that comes close is King K. Rool. Mega Man may be the most wanted, but some people don't want third-party characters in and I believe that the percentage of supporters are more important than the amount). Secondly, Little Mac is made for fighting. He is the main star of a famous box series called Punch-Out!!. Unlike with Urban Champion, Little Mac has a lot of move set potentials with his fighting moves. His relevancy also helps, having had his series revived for the Wii in May, 2009 which sold over a million. Furthermore, he is an Assist Trophy in Brawl, which helps his chances because Sakurai will take into considerations Assist Trophy characters, which are just a step away from being playable.

There is nothing going against his inclusion in SSB4. Little Mac will almost certainly be in SSB4 as a playable character, to the delight of fans around the world and if he by some means skips the roster, Sakurai has screwed up.

Little Mac: 95%

1. Zoroark/Victini (Pokemon):

Whenever or not you care about the Pokemon franchise nowadays, one thing is for certain, there will be at least one new rep for the series and if they add just one, it's going to be from the 5th gen. What we can choose from? Zoroark or Victini.

As you can see, the question is not if we'll get a Pokemon rep, but who that 5th gen Pokemon rep will be. The two most likely candidates are Zoroark and Victini and I believe the chances are equal. Let me explain:

Zoroark is one of the most popular 5th gen Pokemon right now and is the most highly requested Pokemon to be playable right now. It also helps that he has a movie to himself which was made before Lucario's inclusion. Off the bat, I can see him getting in.

That said, he's not a shoe-in like some people are saying. Victini is another good candidate. He is also a popular Pokemon who is growing in requests for SSB4. The most important thing to note is that he is starting in not only one, but two movies right before SSB4 starts development. While Zoroark movie came last year and over a year before SSB4 starts development, one important thing to note is that VIctini's movie starts about three months before SSB4 goes into development. Lucario's movie also started about three months before Brawl's development. Notice the correlations. Once the movie starts, Victini's popularity will increase and he will receive much more demands for being included as a playable character. Not only that, the Pokemon Black And White favorite Pokemon from the 5th gen, so since Gamefreak plays a role in Super Smash Bros., his biasness may get Sora Ltd. to favor Victini over Zoroark.

Now which one of the two do I want on the slot? My vote goes to Victini. Honestly, I can't be bothered to care for Zoroark as he feels more like an obligatory replacement for Lucario (Assuming that he is unfortunately dumped) then someone that should be in the game and if he gets in, so if he gets in, I can't be bothered to care much, although to be fair, I'm sure he would be a good character. Victini on the other hand would be pretty awesome IMO. I love Fire/Psychic type Pokemons and having those two combined could produce some seriously unique and awesome move set and a Pokemon that should stay in the SSB series. So my support lies with him. That said, my biasness doesn't really influence the chances of either characters:

One of Zoroark/Victini getting in: 99%
Zoroark: 75%
Victini: 75%

(Reason why it's not a 50/50 is because there's always the possibility that both gets in as two separate playable characters which would be a nice compromise with new players. Victini getting in would be awesome, both being in would be great, only Zoroark's getting in would put me in a "meh, don't care" attitude. As you can see, I really do hope Victini takes the 5th gen slot since he's the only likely Pokemon rep candidate that I want to see)

Honorable Mentions:

These are other possible characters that could be in the next game, but they have more hindering factors that doesn't make them as likely as the Top 10.

- Ray MK 01/III (Custom Robo)He appeared as an Assist Trophy in Brawl, has lots of potential to be unique, and has considerable demand for the next Smash. His relevancy is debatable as it's possible the chop-off date for characters in Brawl was before his October 2006's DS Japanese game (Not including Sonic), but Ray MK III chances slight worse than Saki's because unlike Saki, he doesn't have the privilege of having at least a sequel after 2006. He still has a decent chance of getting in, thought. 70%

Samurai Goroh (F-zero): Has high demands for SSB4, was also an Assist Trophy, and could be unique. There are two major obstacles that could prevent his appearance. One is that he has competition from Black Shadow and that F-zero has not seen a game on the Wii or DS. He could still get in, but I'm not writing him off as likely unless a F-zero game is shown off at E3 2012 or confirmed earlier. 65%

Issac (Golden Sun): Very popular with requests and actually very likely to appear on the 3DS as a playable character. He was an Assist Trophy in Brawl and has large potential to be unique as well. However, I fear he'll be a 3DS exclusive and even if there is a Golden Sun rep, he could be replaced by Matthew. Also note that all of his games have been on the handheld systems. 60% (Wii-U), 80% (3DS)

Starfy (The Legendary Starfy): Has a good chance to appear on the 3DS version, not so much on the Wii-U version. He has the same criteria as Issac, except that he's the only character from his series with much of a chance and is slightly less likely then Issac. 55% (Wii-U), 75% (3DS)

Krystal (Star Fox): The only Star Fox rep who is not unlikely. She receive very high demand to be in Brawl and continues to have high demands to this date. She also have potential to be the first Star Fox character not a clone of Fox or a lugified clone. Star Fox has also consistently gain one rep per Smash installment, so if the pattern continues, Krystal is next in line. The main problem that could keep her from being in SSB4 is that she could be considered irrelevant to the series, since she will not be appearing in the remake of Star Fox 64 3D, which really does hurt her chances a lot, especially since a new Star Fox game hasn't been made since 2005. 55%

Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong): Another possible and popular Donkey Kong rep who was part of the Forbidden Seven. She has potential to be unique herself, although I'm not sure how much that can be done, but I think she'll do best as a tag team with Diddy which has gained especially large support and she is still somewhat relevant. All these gives her a decent shot at being Donkey Kong's third rep. However, there's the pattern that villains get the third spot, so I'm suspecting we'll get King K. Rool instead. 70%

Ryu (Street Fighter): Being third-party and not as requested as Mega Man, he's not as likely as him. However, he is the second most likely third-party character, thanks to still have lots of demands, probably easier to program into Smash due to having a fighting series, has a ton of fighting potentials, and that Capcom would use him as an alternative to Mega Man if they feel so reluctant about Mega Man being a fighter. I would prefer Mega Man but he'll be good as well, but his chances goes down to almost zero if Mega Man gets in. 60%

With that said, we come to a close of another blog. Before I leave, I want to hear your opinion on the ten most likely candidates for playable characters in SSB4 and your reasons why.

 Okay, so after my failed "Smashing Blogs" series (Which I will not be continuing), I took a break from it. With the SSB4 announcement, I am now returning to blogging on a semi-regular basis. This time, it will be (If you haven't guessed) regarding Super Smash Bros. 4. I have quite a few things I want to write about, so I'll start with the one I would consider to be the most pressing matter with the character roster; if the character roster should be the same or different. Most of my discussions will be on the characters rosters, since that's the main thing I have to work with, but I am willing to expand on different topics if I get requests to do so.

In the case the Sakurai and his crew actually does read the SSB4 threads, I'm hoping that the 3DS and Wii-U version are different with the 3DS version having 25-35 and the Wii-U having 44+ characters (44 is the lowest I'll be satisfied with); neither rosters are including transformations. Let's take a scenario as to why I don't support the rosters being the same.

Sakurai said that the Wii-U and 3DS version will be the exact same rosters. Lots of people (At least from what I've heard from ChronoBound on GameFAQs) for some reason wants this and I can't quite understand why. The huge problem with this is that this will require compromising the Wii-U's roster considerably. 44 characters on the Wii-U should not be that hard to do, but it'll be near impossible with the 3DS and Wii-U roster being the same. As a matter of fact, I predict if this happens, we will see a roster less then 40 characters in the game (Not including transformations) and possibly even less then Brawl. Nobody wants such an underwhelming roster for SSB4, especially considering that there are around 20 potential newcomers that could be in SSB4. People will have high expectations for everything in the game, including rosters; making it the same on the Wii-U and 3DS will having fans feeling as if the roster is just a simple update from Brawl (Or worse) rather then something new and fresh.

It also is going to backfire on the company. Hundreds of thousands of fans are going to be vexed if the roster is less then 40, even those with realistic expectations. As such many of those people will not buy the game because contrary to what people think, unimpressive rosters are enough to scare people away. In return, it will take a hit on Nintendo's and Sora Ltd.'s profit, not to mention dock off a few points from reviews. The only benefit is that the characters are the same, which is not enough to justify the negative consequences of that happening. The game can still be very good, but it will leave almost everyone expecting a good roster disappointed. That's why I'm against this and that's why I think it'll be illogical for Sakurai to do this to his fans.

Now there are two ways to prevent this from happening. These are good solutions with many benefits and the negative side effects being much more minor.

1. Have the 3DS roster be cut down to 25-35 characters slots while SSB4 has a roster ranging from 44-50 characters slots. This means fans will have to accept less characters, stages, etc. on the 3DS version while the Wii-U version is the real deal. Also in this case, the 3DS version will have no exclusive characters, all exclusive characters will be on the Wii-U version.

This is my preferred plan. First off, people with expectations of 44-49 characters will almost certainly get at least the minimum of 44, which would satisfy realistic expectations. While it won't make Nintendo/Sora Ltd. the maximum amount of cash, they will still get a bucket load for having a good rosters (And if the game is excellent). And depending on game quality, it will keep the scores at least in the early 90s, which is what the series is renowned for. In this case, rather then feel like an update, it'll be like a game that made the game worth waiting for. The only disadvantage is that the 3DS gets less sales (Due to people thinking it's the inferior version) then the Wii-U version, but both versions will sell more then if we have both rosters the same.

2. Same as before, except lots of exclusives on the 3DS and Wii-U version and being able to transfer 3DS exclusive characters to the Wii-U version. The first plan is preferable, but I would also be in favor of this plan. First off, not only would it be even more likely to fulfill realistic expectations, it makes a 50+ roster (Without transformation) possible. More highly popular requests would get in and people would be more likely to consider getting both the 3DS and Wii-U version, which boost sales of both versions. The only disadvantage of this is that it would cost more money to get the full deal, but I wouldn't rule it out as a good idea.

Here's an example of this idea: (A roster by Cell Junior). Not exactly realistic, but I would love if this idea was implemented.

And here's mine in response: (My roster formed in the same way). Neither mine or Cell Junior's are prediction, but one thing for certain, I approve of this idea and I would love to play in either rosters.

So what that said, I want to get a little discussion going. Tell me your thoughts on what you would like to see:

1. Same roster for the Wii-U and 3DS version.
2. 3DS version being the stripped down version with the Wii-U getting all the exclusives.
3. Lots of exclusives for the 3DS and Wii-U version.

My choice is #2, but I would also be happy with #3. What is your opinion on this?

Sooooo, we're finally getting Super Smash Bros. 4 on the 3DS and Wii-U. I have a lot to say about this, so expect me to be writing quite a few essays. My anticipation for this game is so intense that it is the main (Although not sole, I have others) reason for me getting a Wii-U although I'm not so certain on the 3DS version.

After waiting a few days, on this Sunday of January 3rd, 2011, I got my PlayStation 3, which is a great way to start off a New Year.

Information regarding my PlayStation 3:

The model I got was the Slim 160 GB model, which as you can expect, is a ton of space for games. It came with a controller and three games, which are:

Gran Turismo 5
Ratchet And Clank: A Crack In Time
SingStar + Dance

With the latter came with two singing microphones.

What I've done with my PlayStation 3:

Already, I got a few friends, but that's because I know a few of them off a few sites I visit. I do plan on getting more, but I'm content with what I've got in terms of friends list so far.

As of now, I have only played Gran Turismo 5, but so far, that game is downright fantastic and addicting. It reminds me exactly of how much spend on the third main installment of the game, which I consider to be one of the best video game I've ever played and my favorite game on a Sony system. As for the latter two, I will try them out sometimes in the near future after i get over playing Gran Turismo 5. and accessing it's feature.

I also participate in Folding@Home. Ever since I've heard of it in July, 2009, I realized that if there was a way I could help fight disease, I would do it. This is a good way to help out scientists study diseases such as Alzheimer's and various forms of cancers. I do it on a moderate basis.

I plan on buying more games for the system, but not right now since I have more important RL stuffs to do and that I'm more then satisfied with my initial offering.

My New Years Resolution

2010 wasn't really a great year for me. I didn't do much physical activity, I achieved few of the goals I wanted to get, and late in the year, I felt like a failure and realize how stupid I was to waste my life that year. 2011, however, is going to be a year of change for me, a year where I change my life for the better:

 Yes I'm a bit late in this, but I feel the need to get this through. Anyways, this is my resolution for the year 2011 with 364 days left to fulfill them from most to least important and I have a few.

- Increase focus on academic: I'm always a good academic student and my first semester of 11th grade (Last semester) is no exception. However, while it might be me taking tough classes, I ended up feeling unsatisfied with my efforts. I feel frustrated knowing that I wasn't doing enough. I kept promising myself that I would but despite all efforts, they have failed. This time, I know I must, considering that this semester will be even harder then last semester and it'll have increase considerably. This is very important to me.

- Prepare for post-secondary education. There are still some things I need to do before going into post-secondary schools after my senior year. Despite being just halfway through junior year, I do not have much time to waste, so I need to get to it now.

- Get a life. No seriously, I don't have much of a life. All I've noticed myself doing is sitting on the computer and occasionally playing games. I need to do more things in my life, so this needs to change. This will also improve my physical health on the long run.

- Stop my Internet addiction. Even thought this blog doesn't tell you anything, I have been absolutely addicted to the Internet ever since the summer of 2007 and quite frankly, I've hated myself for doing that. It's not like a video game addiction where you're actually having fun. With the Internet addiction, I feel like I'm just staring on a screen that is disguise as hours of fun but in reality, is disintegrating your social and physical life and when the damage is done, you have no one but yourself to blame. I want to change it so it doesn't happen to me like it did to so many other people.

- Support my family more: Right now, I feel practically useless, I don't really do much to help out, although that is starting to change. I highly desire to feel like I'm actually learning valuable things in life and helping my family out is a great way to ensure that. I know if I can do that, that I will be more likely to support myself in the near future.

- Learn to drive: I'm almost seventeen and I do not know anything on driving. Which is not good news. I can honestly hope my grandmother isn't a nervous wreck while I learn to drive, because if I don't learn now, I probably never will learn. Thank god I'm taking Driver's Ed this school semester.

- Get a job: I'm tired of relying on my family for money (Although I only ask for them when necessary). I want to show that I can support myself and not be a lazy bum, plus I'll be able to get more of what I want to get and feel like I'm accomplishing something. I'm hoping to receive a job sometimes soon, although considering the recession, I'm worried I'm hoping in vain.

- Pick up new hobbies. I love tennis, I enjoy golfing, I love going outside, I love socializing with friends, and I love to read as well. Yet I don't really do anything of them. This year, I think I need to pick them up as hobbies again and keep with them for as long as possible.

- Pick up gaming for a large part again. Unlike other goals, this is unimportant and not a high priority, but it's a goal if possible, I'd like to achieve. Back when I was a child, I absolutely loved gaming and as a result, I had so many memories from them. Gaming is getting better within the year, so I think it's time I start gaming on an active basis again.

All I can say is this; I hope I achieve my goals this year so I can have a much better year then last.

Very soon, I will return to Sony gaming.

 If you read my previous article in which I defended Nintendo, you can see that I really do look forward to the future of the company. It's also my favorite video game company.

        I am, however, not a fanboy, at least not anymore. As you can see with my last post, you can clearly see that I have given out criticism for the Wii and I've done that more times then you would think from a former fanboy. Despite that, I was and still is happy with the result of the Wii and I think it's proven itself that when done correctly and appealed to the right audience, the Wii can be a unique and very enjoyable system.

        That being said, that has not stopped me from wanting another current-gen system, but so far, only one console has appealed to me enough to justify the price of the console. So I have four choices; get another Nintendo DSi (Mine was washed), a PlayStation Portable, a Xbox 360, or a PlayStation 3. I would get a Nintendo DSi, but the much better-looking 3DS is coming up, so I'm not spending a lot of money on a soon to be last-gen product. PlayStation Portable has a few good games I might snatch up, but to be honest, based off what I've seen, it looks quite mediocre to me. The Xbox 360 has some great games available, but I am not spending $60 a year for an online service to play online and the amount of good exclusives have dwindled from 2005-2008. So without a doubt, my answer is PlayStation 3. There's many reasons why:

        1. I'm familiar with the exceptionally high-quality of Sony's console systems: I've played the PlayStation a few time at my uncle's house and I've enjoyed the console, despite it being dated. I also had a PlayStation 2 and it was fantastic. I've enjoyed each and every PS2 game that I bought and it introduced me into the Gran Turismo series, my favorite non-Nintendo series, Gran Turismo 3 being my second all-time favorite game, next to Super Mario 64.  Even thought it broke two times and I replaced it in Christmas, 2005 with a Nintendo Gamecube, I won't be regretting playing that system anytime soon.

        Another thing with Sony is that unlike Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, or other console manufacturers, the systems have been consistently excellent. I'll examine Nintendo and Microsoft, then Sony. Nintendo was great with the NES since it dominated the market and had almost all the good third-party game, but it also had a mountain of shovel ware, which combine with original NES slowly but surely damaging the pin of a game that attach it to the console to play it the more you pushed it (A revision named NES 2 fixed the problem, but it was two years after it's successor was released, so it didn't go far in sales), and that it's difficult to find a NES in good condition, prevent it from being one of the best. The SNES was truly super in almost every way and near perfection, it would have been perfect if not for them betraying Sony with the SNES add-on deal. The Nintendo 64 was an excellent system, despite poor third-party support. However, I was disappointed with the Nintendo Gamecube. While it was decent, it had a still poor (But slightly better) third-party support, aside from hardware strength, Nintendo didn't really get with the time, almost complete lack of online (What was there I heard was disgraceful), and first-party games did not impress me like it did back then. The Wii improved from the Gamecube with third-party support so far being good, first-party titles improving in quality, first serious online effort from Nintendo being decent (It's been slightly improving over the years and people should give Nintendo more time to improve), and I absolutely love the motion control concept. However, it seems that aside from games, Nintendo is not really with the time, the console is suffering from shovel ware almost as bad as the NES onslaught, and the multi-platform games, to be frank, stink in general (There's a few exception, but the Wii was not built for multi-platform games, why publisher continue to port shoddy ports to the Wii, I'll never know, but it's still a strike against Nintendo for not making a good system for multi-platforms). Overall a very good system, but not as good as the first three systems, so it's not quite their yet.

        I think Microsoft is overrated in the console war. The Xbox I found to be mediocre with few interesting games not on other systems and the Xbox 360 is a decent system, but reasons above keeps me away from it.

        Already, Sony is in shape to have a better track record in my eyes then Nintendo. The PlayStation did suffer from a lot of shovel ware, but also had a ton of gems you cannot find anywhere else aside from possibly PSN and it's uses of CD-based gaming rocked gaming world, not to mention fantastic games that kept up with the amount of shovel ware. The PlayStation 2 improved from the original in everything plus had a online that wasn't as good as Xbox Live, but still good enough to function and have a community. The PlayStation 3 also looks to be a fantastic system to get. Despite a poor start to where at the time, I didn't even get it, it got to where I thought I absolutely must be a multi-platformer owner. There are many games I want to get, it has a lot of high-quality titles and exclusives that match the Wii or even better, and an excellent online service called PSN. You can tell from there I'm excited for the system.

        2. Multi-platform games: The PS3 almost always have great ports nowadays and sometimes, superior versions of a game. The same obviously can't be said of the Wii.

        3. No paying for online play or video chat: You can play online with friends all you won't, it won't charge you a dime and that is always a great thing. Sure there's an option to pay for online experience, but unlike Xbox LIve, the PSN pays for additional features, not necessity like the PSN.

        4. Does not have a large amount of shovel ware. One major advantage for the PS3 is that you can spot games that are good without having to wade through a load of crap like previous systems and the Wii/NES.

        5. Online looks excellent: Only major thing is lack is lack of cross-chat, then the PSN will be the best online service this generation. Not a lot of PSN games nowadays lag. And there are many more reasons why I want to get a PS3 (Such as Gran Turismo 5).

        As I enjoy my last day as a Wii-only console owner, I look back at the memories at the time from summer of 2008 to now. A lot of good games came out, many of which I could not pick up, but was still happy to be released and I think Nintendo succeeded this generation. However, for a few month, it will take a back seat to my PS3 when it arrives. I want to ensure that I can get as much enjoyment out of the system as possible and hopefully be able to create some memories with it just like I did with the Wii. Hope to see you guys on PSN soon!

Those who have been fans of Nintendo for at least since the last generation will recognize its history and reputation for the very high quality games they usually produced. The company have been creating many mountains of memories among its fans, especially those who have been loyal during the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube era and every generation, have successfully produced a quality console with great games that gamers will never forget.

        Fast forward to what is soon to be 2011 and you'll notice that today it's a console war between three giant console manufacturers, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Of those, only Nintendo is a primarily video game company, the latter two are multimedia cooperations that have their hands involved in many other electronic business. Coming out of those three are three well-known system; the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii.

        For those who have been following game news, it's pretty obvious that the Nintendo Wii have been subjected to a very large amount of scathing criticism, and that's understating it. Being someone who enjoy the Wii and supports the console future, most of the criticism doesn't really flush out as something I agree with and I think it's a great console once you search around for the good games.

        But there's one thing that has been pondering me recently about the system that has been popping up inside of me. For some reason, it seems as Nintendo has been holding back this generation, like they haven't been giving all they gotten this generation, a similar situation to the Nintendo Gamecube, except that I think the Wii is better then the Gamecube, but that's just me. A convenient answer would be that Nintendo doesn't care about its fans who stuck with them through generations and is focusing almost solely on the newer one they received this generation. Problem being is that I don't think that's necessarily the best answer and if Nintendo were doing the easy way out, the Wii and DS would be much worse then they are now. So if it isn't that, what could it possibly be? I think the answer is a much more positive one then what fans suspect it to be, but it'll take some explaining.

        First off, let's take a look at the sales of the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS, both of which are giants in sales. The Nintendo Wii is Nintendo's strongest selling consoles in sales, rounding out at 75.90 million worldwide and the Nintendo DS is the best selling handheld yet, going at 135.58 million. From this, you can tell that the two consoles are juggernauts in sales and they are still selling. This would be unimaginable for the latter a generation ago. With Nintendo selling out like this, there has got to be future plans for the next console.

        Secondly, look at the type of game they produced. These are the type of games that we grew up with, but in less advanced form and in games from previous consoles. The good of those games will make good memories for the fans of the series, just like it did to us. Kids from this gen will look back two or more gaming generations from now and the ones who enjoy the system will say "I remember when I played the Wii, it was a great experience.". Notice a pattern?

        Finally, we need to look at the future of Nintendo. If you have been following the Nintendo 3DS news, you're probably very excited about the future of the console. You see a lot of quality games that you would not expect so soon and such quantities. Furthermore, the hardware looks extremely promising in all areas and there have been confirmation of a new online system, which will almost certainly improve upon the critically hated Wii's and DS's Wi-Fi.

        These three things are all good on their own, but what does it all mean when you combine them? The most plausible of these answer is this; this gaming generation, Nintendo is raising an incredibly huge funding for the next generation and they are going to use all the material they can to ensure that all audience of all tastes enjoys it. It seems as they had it all planned out during the Gamecube generation and would slowly reveal it to us and just now are we beginning to see it in material form. They recognized that if they kept going in the direction they were during the Gamecube, they would lose all of their audience and go third-party eventually. They gambled hard this generation and they hit the jackpot. Like Sony and Microsoft, they care about their audience and they knew that this generation of gaming would come with especially hard scrutiny from long-time fans. Next generation, they are going to integrate the long-time fans with the newer audience and appeal as much as possible to both sides. While this generation has been good for Nintendo quality-wise, it will be especially amazing next generation. The Nintendo 3DS is revolutionary and so will be the successor to the Nintendo Wii. I think they will use this generation to get a huge head start and squeeze Microsoft and Sony out of the win sales and quality-wise entirely.

        Next generation, Nintendo will prove to us not only that they are the biggest giants of gaming, but create the highest quality titles possible for all walks of gamers. Mark my words, they are going all out and they will not be easy to halt.